Ideal Home Range (ihr)

Milly Green logo banner_watercolour

Milly Green is another up and coming company. I discovered Milly at the Autumn Fair in 2014, the bright colours, trendy designs and being different caught my eye.

Even though Milly Green is a fairly young company, they have managed to make great gains in to some of the major accounts especially in the gift market. What is nice to see is that Milly Green will listen to your ideas and change designs to work with the market to ensure that the products sell.

Recently Milly Green has launched a brand new range which will be ideal for the many shops that are on and around the coast of our Island, the range depicts the great British seaside in all its glory. Celebrating Britain is a design that is ideal for the tourist attractions who have visitors who want to buy something that has a typically English feel to it, this also applies to Land of Hope and Glory another design that gets the emotions running.

Milly also produces designs that are more everyday and suited for the customer who simply wants to buy a present for a family member or friend. Ditsy Floral is ready for delivery in May 2015, Eggs, a lovely designs that depicts eggs! Feathers, Horse either on a teal background or pink… mmmmm! Dogs which depicts dogs of many shapes and sizes.

The products supplied by Milly with the above designs range from bone china mugs, assorted bags, stationery, textiles, collectable embossed biscuit tins and tea tins, travel sweets, candles and much more.

Carriage Paid orders are £ 300.00, there is no minimum order value, yet there are pack quantities to be aware of.