Sophie Allport is a lively and witty array of beautiful designs on a number of products from fine bone china, kitchen fabrics, oilcloth, greetings cards and more.

sophie allport logoI started working with Sophie Allport in August 2010, they worked from Sophie Allport’s brother Jem’s Garage in the driveway of his house. Roll the years forward until 2019 and you find them in a 30000 sqm site in Bourne, Linclonshire. Employing over 60 members of staff you can only be amazed of the commitment that the Allport family made to this small fledgling business some 12 years ago. I think it is very rare indeed to enter the the retail market with a few designs spread across a few products to become a major brand in the UK and dare I say this is fast becoming a World player as you read this! With distributors across the globe are indeed on the way to being massive. Their core business is still Sophie’s designs being spread across a huge range of Kitchen Linens, Bone China Mugs, Candles, Hand Bags, Children’s Melamine Set’s and so on. They are quite often ahead of the game regarding design trends and normally develop between 8 – 10 new designs a year, spread equally between Spring/Summer and Autumn Winter. Sophie Allport are still maintaining their core customer being the independent retailers across the Country.

My main task is to constantly find new accounts as well as maintaining our existing accounts across the South West and South and West Wales.

So if you are not stocking Sophie Allport then please look at the Sophie Allport website. There is a link at the bottom of the page. If you feel that Sophie Allport with work for you then please contact me.

All our designs are by Sophie Allport, no other company can use the designs, and in other words you can only buy Sophie Allport designs and ranges from Sophie Allport Ltd.

We are quite easy to deal with, your first order is by pro-forma, and then after that its 30 days from invoice date. Minimum order value is
£ 250.00; Carriage paid is also £ 300.00.

Sophie Allport Website